M&S cam Dualstream Camera and software package for Windows/Mac



This is the definitive version of the action camera that is supported by many drivers both professional and amateur in Japan and overseas.

Dual streams with dual cameras from many M&Scam users’ requests.


monocolle mototor sport Japan

monocolle mototor sport Japan

monocolle mototor sport Japan

monocolle mototor sport Japan

monocolle mototor sport Japan

monocolle mototor sport Japan

M&Scam, which was developed exclusively for motor sports, is equipped with a double camera and launched as M & Scam dualstream with improved performance!
GPS-Nero (logger data synthesis software) is also released as Dualstream exclusive software with an improved operability and an interface that you can actually use.
It calculates travel distance, vehicle speed, G, etc. from GPS data, and synthesizes travel data, which was difficult to do only with an action camera, with special software that can be operated intuitively.
In addition, Dualstream, which has a double camera, can fully link and preview videos.
Dedicated design that can be used in a wide range of fields from Circuit to Rally, outdoor sports and leisure.

monocolle mototor sport Japan

Package Contents
Dedicated Camera Back  Body (3-inch HD Monitor)  2 CCD Cameras
GPS Antenna  External Microphone  HDMI Cable  USB Cable
Power Source USB Cable  AC Charging Adapter  Cigar Writer Power Socket
Camera Folder 2 Sets  Clamp for Roll Bar

Logger data synthesis software (* Download from the website.)

*M&Scam Dualstream is a set price including
GPS-Nero (Logger Data Synthesis Software).

*The image is a composite image. Logger data is not composited to the actual monitor.

When you record, the dual cameras start recording the same, producing two fully synchronized movies.
Since GPS data is incorporated in the movie, you can play back the individual movie of the dual camera in the state of perfect synchronization in preview and output by the dedicated software.
Now you can easily edit two movies that were recorded with the Action Camera.
In addition to the current position, data automatically generated from GPS data can easily display information required for motor sports, such as speed, G, lap time, acceleration speed, and sector time.
All of that data can be previewed and output to a video.
It adopts a high-performance CCD camera with a highly versatile mounting mount, so the angle of view and rotation can be fixed freely.
Many commercially available trapping stick mounts can also be used to take pictures in and out of the car.
It is extremely convenient for shooting various review scenes of driving such as pedal operation and rear shooting at the same time as driving during a race.

The data which can be combined with the photographed moving image can be changed freely such as enlargement/reduction of layout and ON/OFF of marking.

Course map
Built-in presets for over 140 circuits in Japan and overseas, including control lines.

The acceleration and deceleration of the advanced distance and speed can be used to analyze the accelerator pedal and brake pedal force.
You can compare your best time graph with the current wrap.

Lap time
Displays the total lap, the best lap, and the current lap.

Cornering Speed
The approach top speed and bottom speed of the corner are displayed for each passing corner.

Sector time
The time of each sector is compared with the best lap.

Speedo Meter
Full scale meter with analog hands and digital display.

G Sensor
Calculate acceleration and display as G sensor.

Wipe (Dual Camera Movie)
Movies shot with dual cameras can be inserted with a wipe. You can switch between the main and sub movies with one click.

2 x Full HD 60 Hz (1080/60 p) (Dual Camera)
Sony’s high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor can capture images at night
Multi-GNSS Compatible, Michibiki Compatible High Sensitivity 10 HZGPS Chip
Support for microSDXC cards (up to 512 GB)
Continuous recording time 28 hours (when recording with dual camera 1080 P 60 with 512 GB SDXC card)
Dual camera 3 hours with built-in 4,000 mAh lithium battery (4 hours with single)
Can also use on-board and mobile batteries
HDMI video output function

Video synthesis and data analysis software
Windows/Mac PC software
Data analysis function and video synthesis function containing data
Compatible with Japanese and English

Rally & Road Software
Display the image of the on-board camera and the speed and driving trajectory
(Supports three types of online maps)
*M&Scam dualstream free download available.

Travel data reading screen
Automatically detect circuits just by capturing movie data.

Course setting change screen
You can customize sectors and start lines.

Movie Output Screen (Video 1 & Video 2)
The running data can be displayed on two screens.

Graph display screen
Driving log data is graphed from speed, distance and time data.

TEL +81-27-260-8377
Web: www.gps-nero.com

monocolle mototor sport Japan

monocolle mototor sport Japan