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DENSO IRIDIUM RACING IW01-27 Iridium Racing Spark Plug 1 Piece (267700-1121)


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■Output increase
Iridium Racing achieves high power with an ideal fuel cycle
Excellent ignition performance and spark voltage eliminate misfires and ignition errors in various operating ranges.As a result, fuel efficiency improves dramatically and engine output increases. 

■Acceleration up
Overwhelming acceleration performance cultivated on the circuit.
Iridium Racing achieves unprecedented ignition performance and spark voltage with a 0.4mm diameter center electrode.This suppresses misfires and achieves stable high response and improved acceleration even under harsh conditions.

■0.4mm iridium alloy center electrode
The thicker the center electrode of the plug, the greater the cooling effect and the worse the ignitability.In comparison, the 0.4mm diameter iridium alloy center electrode has an extremely small cooling effect and is less likely to dissipate heat, reducing misfires and achieving more reliable ignition, which is the basic performance of a plug.

■Reliable durability
Compared to the nickel alloys used in the ground electrodes of conventional spark plugs, platinum has a higher melting point, so there is less trouble with melting and wear and tear of the ground electrodes even under intense racing conditions.In addition, 0.8mm square platinum alloy is welded to form a gap without bending, so there is no residual stress and durability is improved.

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