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Double lens Anti Fog Fm-v Plus mirror visor for CK-6S


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Photo is GP6

Dual pane mirror shield
Installed high quality anti fog (No fog)dual clear film inside the visor
Good for winter/cold/rain condition.

For Arai Helmet Racing Kart
Coating is based on original arai visors Shield

Fm-v Plus widely coated the core color from old goods. The viewing angle difference can be lost and it concentrate driving. The color is coated to both ends of the visor and the width of the helmet full dress is expanded further.

The reliability of the Fm-v visor that passes from the sale five years or more has been improved by the technical improvement further though it was changed to a more affordable price.

The anti fog side is delicate so please do not touch. There is rare very small impure ingredient between visor and anti fog.Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Sometime need 2 month for back order



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