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Onboard camera flexible mount Roll gauge for racing car and racing kart


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Developed with Triple K, who had no or many good things to fix the in-vehicle camera in the proper subtle position on the racing car’s roll bar. Since it is anodized, it is a little expensive, but it can be fixed by high synthesis.

It was also possible to use the camera in upper and lower two stages in the test by removing one stage and shortening it and using it in the test.
It is recommended as a shooting accessory for shooting cameras such as GoPro and AIM DJI.

Possible pie system about 28.5mm to 50mm
Maximum total length about 43cm

Roll bar size can be installed by adjusting the screw from 28 pie to 50 pie. We recommend that only the fixed part be removed and the roll bar pad be turned for prevention of shaking.

The test was also used in RACING KART, but there was no problem with vibration. The multi clamp is D-cut so that the bottom does not rub against the road surface.
If it has a pipe, it is also recommended for photography such as bicycles and bikes.

For assembly and fixing, a 17 mm spanner and 6 mm hex wrench size are required.

Note: It needs to be fixed correctly.
It may not be available at races and events. You can not be held liable for any misuse, looseness, dropouts or accidents. Please use at your own risk.

Photo GoPro, camera base and mount are not included.

Tested race vehicle 86 / S2000 / Racing KART / Formula car

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