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Triple K Rear hub RIN 50mm


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Racing Kart part

The new hub “RIN” is the strongest racing hub of Triple-K supreme which made domestically produced A7075 Ultra duralumin and thin wall thickness with 5 axis composite processing.
Concept “Musashi” versatile hub for usability “Rin” aimed for a hub clearly showing good or bad. The aim is to improve the turning performance which the kicking soup which made use of the hardness of the material and the balance of thinness and shape of the meat creates.
Usability is as good as usual if it is the result of the test so far, “Musashi” is better, but if you understand the characteristics and use it, the potential is very high, it is good from the athletes who tested at the All Japan Championship initially A lot of voices were said to have been heard.
The length is 85 mm standard size.

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