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Triple-K Sprocket guard protector


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Racing kart part
Made in JAPAN

monocolle mototor sport Japan
monocolle mototor sport Japan

During a race or practice, you may go off the course or ride too deep on a curb.
The chain may break when you land, and the larger the number of sprockets, the greater the anxiety.

In order to alleviate such concerns, we have created the “Triple-K Sprocket Guard”.
It is composed of two parts, an inner and an outer, so if the outer wears out, you can use it again by replacing only the outer.

[S] Diameter approx 204mm Up to 219/76T Up to 215/85T
[M] Diameter approx 209mm Up to 219/80T Up to 215/88T
[L] Diameter approx 220mm Up to 219/84T Up to 215/92T


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Weight 0.8 kg

S, M, L



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